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My Favourite Resources for Creating The New Story of Humanity

People often ask me: "Tom, I'd like to learn about 'X'. What resource would you recommend?" Here's a collection of books, blogs, podcasts, tools and videos that I've found useful. Have an explore. I'm sure you'll find something you like.

This paradigm-shifting book from Charles Eisenstein rocked my world. He’s the thinker who’s influenced me most over the past year, particularly with his nuanced philosophical explanation of the old story. Highly recommended! Check out his website, where he’s open-sourced everything he’s produced.

I read this book and currently finishing the accompanying online course, which explores Climate Activism from the perspective of Zen Buddhism. I found it both accessible and inspiring! The insight of inter-being is core to creating the new story.

I was lucky enough to attend this talk at Boom Festival. This impressively nuanced speaker & activist explains the shift from the old to the new story much better than I can. I particularly recommend the 20 - 35 min section.

A beautiful fiction that unites characters from interlocking fables. They learn how to save our world and are brought together into its unfolding catastrophe.

I disagree with many of Alan Watts’ ideas in this video, but he certainly makes you think. A fascinating talk from this legendary philosopher, as always.

I'm in awe at the courage, resilience and comradery of the Ukrainian people. They stood up to power in 2014. And now, as veterans of this revolution; they're standing up again. It’s an inspiring documentary, available on YouTube.

In 1953, the dykes protecting Holland broke in more than 500 places. The country survived, but it could have been a lot worse. A fascinating story that led to the Dutch building their world-leading water management network. Sadly, it often takes disaster to spark a revolution.

My talk about the failures of neoliberalism is now an animated video comic. Watch me perform it, together with my friend Chance, the cofounder of VIRIDESCENT. It’s a beautiful, accessible format to learn about my “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game” philosophy.

How did we breed a culture of short-termism and instant gratification? Part 1 in this series explores “how the industrial revolution reshaped our relationship with time and why getting long-term could be essential to the survival of our species.” The most insightful podcast I’ve discovered in a long time…

You can’t change the system if you don’t understand it. I discovered this fantastic series of short pdf’s that provide a concise overview of capitalism - including an introduction to how it gained dominance, its relationship with the state and how to overcome it through class struggle. If you’re a real changemaker, read this.

I started reading Great Thinkers, an incredible summary of the best philosophers (Eastern and Western), Political Scientists, Sociologists & Authors in human history. The School of Life somehow manages to condense Karl Marx into 10 pages. Timeless ideas that guide us in living a fulfilled existence.

Restlessness is both one of my biggest strengths and most significant flaws. It drives me as an entrepreneur but makes it difficult to relax. By rushing around trying to experience everything life has to offer, I actually experience nothing. This 6-minute animated video, taken from an interview between Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers, shows why hurrying is, ironically, a waste of time.

Many of us forget to ask ourselves one crucial question when setting our goals: “why?” In this article, I share the six universal human needs that underpin all our desires and I support you to ensure you set the right goals for next year.

I've started meditating three times per day, using Waking Up by Sam Harris. Superior to other apps I've tried, this guides you through building multiple mind training skills, as you move from one class to the next. Realising the non-duality of consciousness might blow your mind.

In last week’s episode of “Principled?” I explored Principle 7: “Environment shapes the self. Surround yourself with people and settings that positively impact you.” Together with guest Bernie Hörl, a Tiny House builder & resident, we explore how our environment influences our well-being and how to live amongst positive surroundings that fulfil us.

Aged 16, this was the first personal development test I ever took. While you might have done this before, your type changes. I used to be an ENTJ, “The Commander”. Since developing my emotional intelligence, I’m now an ENFJ, “The Teacher” – pretty fitting, I like to think. Are you living in alignment with your type?

Developing RSI in my wrist reminded me of the dark side of passion. When we identify so strongly with our work, we can neglect our physical health and drive ourselves to burnout. I used to believe that if you love what you do, you can just keep working 60 hours per week – that changed after I read this article. Tip: save the article to pocket to get around paywalls like this one.

“There are too many talented people who sleepwalk through their workday.” Perell is one of the few people whose newsletter I subscribe to. He’s a young intellect, who’s the master of writing online. This short essay explores five sectors that smart people should be devoting their working lives to.

By taking this test, I’ve realised that there are hidden Pleaser and Restless saboteurs within me that are negatively impacting my life. I’ll be tackling these as part of another coaching course I’ve started this week. Even if it’s confronting, only by diving deep into what’s holding you back can you overcome it.

Challenge accepted? For one week, you’ll receive daily inspiration from me with short and impactful exercises. This will help you build momentum towards living your purpose.

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