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Need a new direction for your future?
The Challenge

Let me guess; you're an ambitious millennial who wants to have it all. You want to enjoy your work, while also making an impact on the world. But right now, you feel directionless. I can change that - assuming you're up for a challenge.

For one week, you'll receive a daily email from me with short and impactful exercises, proven to make a difference. Even better, it's FREE.

These powerful exercises enabled my transformation. I am no longer a purposeless Strategy Consultant. I'm living my purpose every day, helping millennial professionals to love their work.

By completing this FREE challenge you will:
Go on an adventure to discover what energises you
Dive deep into exploring your values
Gain a clear & exciting vision for your future
Confidently take action towards living your purpose
Feel empowered to keep moving forward after the challenge
Don’t settle for a job that sucks your energy and wastes your time.
Start this challenge today and rediscover your purpose.
Emma - testimonial.png
Emma Lejeune

These 7 days transformed how I perceived my life’s journey. I discovered my true ambitions and realised my next steps to make them a reality. I can’t thank you enough for that!

marc mataix.jpg
Marc Mataix

This challenge gave me fantastic insights that were transformational. I explored where I want to work and how I can use my strengths to increase my impact. It made me feel both happier and freer. 

roxanne van rijn.jpg
Roxanne van Rijn

The challenge helped me gain direction in my next career steps. Every day was different and built upon each other. Tom’s blend of his personal experiences with science was both inspiring and insightful!

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