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10 Principles for Changemakers

Without principles, we are like a ship at sea, thrown around randomly by the waves of life. We have no way to reach our destination but luck. With principles as our map, we can raise our sails and navigate through the waves.

Following up from my 12 Principles for an Extraordinary Life and my podcast that explored them, I've written these principles for changemakers. Whether you dream of developing an impactful side hustle, are looking for a new job that helps humanity or want to change your company from within, these 10 principles can be your guide.

1. Change starts from within you. Identify and extract false beliefs imposed by the system and protect your newfound truths.

2. Play your part. History is the sum total of the small actions we each take every day.

3. The greater your privilege, the greater your responsibility. If you've benefited from the status quo, use your power to lift others

4. Focus your impact. Use your unique combination of talents and energisers to be most effective.

5. We're all part of the system. Think systematically, beyond blaming and shaming individuals.

6. Find your community. Like minded people create a supportive environment that nourish your well being and empower you in driving change.

7. Change happens in collaboration, often with people who disagree with you. Be open to learn from and work with them.

8. We're all victims of the system, just to different extents. The 1% suffer from the burnout, insecurities and egoism that bred their “success”.

9. Be mindful when driving change from within. The system may change you more than you can change it.

10. Be patient; change takes time. Persevere, trusting that you're doing the right thing.


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