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Passion Project

Unleash your creativity & inner entrepreneur
Feel a fire for an idea but don't know where to start?

Let me guess; you’re a professional with a passion. It’s unrelated to your day job. You love it but your doubts are stopping you from pursuing it. You doubt you can make enough money. You’re afraid of making mistakes. You think you don’t have enough experience, capital, or time to work on it.

These are all excuses. I know, because I’ve had all these thoughts myself. But through coaching, I overcame my fears. And after three years of building up my passion alongside my day job as an Innovation Consultant, I was able to do it full-time. I’m here to fuel your fire - starting your passion project now and developing a side hustle that you love.

Finally begin that project you've dreamed about, setting exciting goals.
Balance your passion with your day job, managing your energy effectively.
Defeat the procrastination & fears that have been holding you back.
Confidently innovate & experiment, like the best entrepreneurs.
Receive continuous support via WhatsApp in-between sessions.
Feel empowered  to keep growing your passion project.
Through six coaching sessions, you will:

Book your free 30-minute Zoom intake call with me today.

We’ll clarify your goals, get insights on your biggest obstacles and generate an action plan.
We can then explore whether it makes sense to work together and how to move forward.

Helping people is my passion

Speaking at my graduation, I told the new young professionals that we could make our work meaningful. But as I walked off stage, I realised I was a complete hypocrite - because my new job as a Strategy Consultant felt meaningless. Had we studied 22 years for this? I believed that at least part of my work could be devoted to activities that energised me and positively impacted the world.

I started my passion project, facilitating personal development workshops for students & young professionals. I was a corporate consultant by day and a trainer and coach by night. I worked long hours, but I believed in the impact I was making. I grew my passion from 3 people in a classroom to 5000 people in a stadium – all within 18 months. After three years of pursuing my passion as a side-project, I took the leap to live it full-time.

I used to slave away at the office, working for someone else's dream. Now I'm free to live and thrive.

I'm telling you this so you know you can trust me when I say, 'I've been there.' I know you doubt yourself. I know how difficult it is to get started. But believe me when I tell you that it’s possible to ignite that creative entrepreneur within you. Whether you want to develop a passionate side-project, or live your passion full-time, I'll show you how.

I'll guide you on a path that avoids all the classic mistakes I made. Don't get me wrong - it will be challenging. But pursuing your dreams is worth it.


What do I get?

6 one-hour coaching sessions are included with exercises and support in-between via WhatsApp voice messages.

What’s the investment?

1080 euros.

Will my employer pay for this?

Many organisations are recognising the value of coaching for personal development. There is often a training budget available – why not ask?

How often are the sessions?

Once a week, every two weeks, or monthly - as you need them. Most people like to connect every two to three weeks. This gives you time to develop your project!

Can I book more sessions?

Sure! Once we’ve completed the six sessions, I'll discuss additional coaching options with you. But the aim is that you’re empowered to continue independently. 

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you're open to living your passion, achieving your potential and challenging your assumptions, coaching with me is right for you.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential."
-Robert Nardelli
Don't let your dreams fade away. Don't accept an unsatisfying existence.
Start your passion project now to love your work and live a fulfilling life!


"Tom and I clicked from the beginning and it inspired me to see his passion and dedication throughout our sessions. Tom has the ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable, but he also asks the difficult questions you need to be faced with and you might have tried to avoid. Moreover, he prepared a well-structured and coherent path that helps you give a structure to your thoughts."


Michele Alberti
European Patent Office

Certified Life Coach (2018)

Certified NLP Practitioner (2019)

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What My Coachees Say
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