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About Me
Hi, I'm Tom. I'm a speaker, career coach and climate activist.

I help changemakers make an impact. I believe work should help you thrive as a human being while making the world a better place.

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I help purposeful millennials to love their work. I combine coaching with mentoring, using my experiences in building a working life I love.


I inspire professionals on topics including Purpose & Impact at Work, Growth Mindset, Embracing Change, Goal Setting and MORE!

Organisations I've Impacted
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What People Say
Martin Rabenort Deloitte

"It has been an inspirational privilege to work with you. Having been around in organizations like ours for some 30 years now, it is fair to say that you genuinely are extraordinary in all positive senses of the word."


Martin Rabenort

Partner, Deloitte

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If you'd like to email directly, it's

You can also message me on LinkedIn

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