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My Favourite Links

I love sharing ideas that help people live a more meaningful life. Here's a collection of books, blogs, podcasts, tools and videos that my community have most enjoyed. Have an explore. I'm sure you'll find something you like.

🧙‍ 50 Life-Changing Ideas

I love efficiency. Learning a lot, rapidly, really gets me off. David Perell is a young, creative & intellectual wizard. Here are 50 of his most profound ideas, packed into a concise read.

🤔 Learning from the Greatest Thinkers

I started reading Great Thinkers, an incredible summary of the best philosophers (Eastern and Western), Political Scientists, Sociologists & Authors in human history. The School of Life somehow manages to condense Karl Marx into 10 pages. Timeless ideas that guide us in living a fulfilled existence.

🌳 The Art of Living with Less Stress

Restlessness is both one of my biggest strengths and most significant flaws. It drives me as an entrepreneur but makes it difficult to relax. By rushing around trying to experience everything life has to offer, I actually experience nothing. This 6-minute animated video, taken from an interview between Tim Ferris and Derek Sivers, shows why hurrying is, ironically, a waste of time.

🎯 The one thing you must do BEFORE setting your goals

Many of us forget to ask ourselves one crucial question when setting our goals: “why?” In this article, I share the six universal human needs that underpin all our desires and I support you to ensure you set the right goals for next year.

🤯 The meditation app that blew my mind

I've started meditating three times per day, using Waking Up by Sam Harris. Superior to other apps I've tried, this guides you through building multiple mind training skills, as you move from one class to the next. Realising the non-duality of consciousness might blow your mind.

🏡 Crafting your Environment with a Tiny House builder

In last week’s episode of “Principled?” I explored Principle 7: “Environment shapes the self. Surround yourself with people and settings that positively impact you.” Together with guest Bernie Hörl, a Tiny House builder & resident, we explore how our environment influences our well-being and how to live amongst positive surroundings that fulfil us.

💪 5 Anxiety-Provoking Habits Among High Achievers

Like many of you, I'm a personal development junkie. This trait enhances my life for the most part, but my insatiable drive for self-betterment and achievement can lead to anxiety. This article sheds light on the habits creating this anxiety and gives you the practical tools to break them.

🧠 Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Aged 16, this was the first personal development test I ever took. While you might have done this before, your type changes. I used to be an ENTJ, “The Commander”. Since developing my emotional intelligence, I’m now an ENFJ, “The Teacher” – pretty fitting, I like to think. Are you living in alignment with your type?

🤔 16 uncomfortable feelings that indicate you’re on the right track

Since my girlfriend quit her job last summer and started following her passion, she’s been experiencing ups and downs. The feelings she’s having may be tough, but they show she made the right decision. Pursuing something important may take a big change – and change goes hand in hand with discomfort. Do you have any of these 16 feelings when making a positive shift in your life?

🔥 When passion leads to burnout

Developing RSI in my wrist reminded me of the dark side of passion. When we identify so strongly with our work, we can neglect our physical health and drive ourselves to burnout. I used to believe that if you love what you do, you can just keep working 60 hours per week – that changed after I read this article. Tip: save the article to pocket to get around paywalls like this one.

📝 What should you work on?

“There are too many talented people who sleepwalk through their workday.” Perell is one of the few people whose newsletter I subscribe to. He’s a young intellect, who’s the master of writing online. This short essay explores five sectors that smart people should be devoting their working lives to.

🤕 9 Ways we Self-Sabotage

By taking this test, I’ve realised that there are hidden Pleaser and Restless saboteurs within me that are negatively impacting my life. I’ll be tackling these as part of another coaching course I’ve started this week. Even if it’s confronting, only by diving deep into what’s holding you back can you overcome it.

🎯 Rediscover Your Purpose, 7-Day Challenge

Challenge accepted? For one week, you’ll receive daily inspiration from me with short and impactful exercises. This will help you build momentum towards living your purpose.

How COVID-19 has awakened us to what matters

We were all sleepwalking through life. Now everything’s changed. We are awake. Read my article about how this awful pandemic showed us what’s really matters in life.

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