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Achieve your goals in two months
Need a kick in the backside to move forward?

You’re an ambitious professional with high expectations of yourself.  You have big goals for your life, but feel blocked, like you’re not moving fast enough. Perhaps you feel directionless in a world of possibilities? Or maybe your goals feel like obligations, rather than deep desires?

I’m here to give you the kick and support you need to achieve your ambitions  – in just two months. We’ll start by setting the right goals because many roads lead to Rome. There might be an easier and faster way to get what you desire – while also enjoying the process. Then I’ll be your critical partner-in-crime who holds you accountable for your goals, making tangible progress to level-up your life.

Develop a laser-sharp focus on the results you desire.
Set clear and exciting goals that will get you those tremendous results.
Pursue your goals while staying sane - managing your energy effectively.
Receive continuous support via WhatsApp in-between sessions.
Finally defeat the procrastination and fears that have been holding you back.
Be > 500% more likely to achieve your goals. For real. This is research-based.
Through weekly accountability coaching, you will:

Book your free 30-minute Zoom intake call with me today.

We’ll clarify your goals, get insights on your biggest obstacles and generate an action plan.
We can then explore whether it makes sense to work together and how to move forward.

“Tom's like a personal trainer turning up on your doorstep. It forces action."
-Tim, Entrepreneur
How Effective Goal-Setting Levelled-up My Life

I’ve always been a determined optimist. I believe that we can all continuously evolve, being the director of our own lives – you included. With this mindset, I’ve achieved things I couldn’t possibly imagine back when my high school voted me “the biggest underdog”.

I’ve built a working life I love, trained for a marathon, done a three-day fast, read 30 books in a year, dived with sharks, experimented with psychedelics, attended the Spanish Burning Man and nurtured a long-distance relationship with the love of my life.

In my obsessive pursuit of my goals, I’ve built a system that works. I’ve overcome the common pitfalls of goal setting – whether that’s choosing the wrong target, being held back by limiting beliefs, or not fully committing to the outcome. I’m here to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Fulfilment is an art, but success is a science. Let’s work together to level-up your life.


What do I get?

6 one-hour coaching sessions are included with exercises and support in-between via WhatsApp voice messages.

What’s the investment?

880 euros.

Will my employer pay for this?

Many organisations are recognising the value of coaching for personal development. There is often a training budget available – why not ask?

How often are the sessions?

Once a week, every two weeks, or monthly - as you need them. Most people like to connect every week. That’s how we achieve your goals in just two months!

Can I book more sessions?

Sure! Once we’ve completed the six sessions, I'll discuss additional coaching options with you. 

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you're open to developing yourself, achieving your potential and challenging your assumptions, coaching with me is right for you.

Don't settle for a life that is less than what you're capable of living. Don't accept an unsatisfying existence.
Start your transformation now to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life!


"Tom and I clicked from the beginning and it inspired me to see his passion and dedication throughout our sessions. Tom has the ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable, but he also asks the difficult questions you need to be faced with and you might have tried to avoid. Moreover, he prepared a well-structured and coherent path that helps you give a structure to your thoughts."


Michele Alberti
European Patent Office

Certified Life Coach (2018)

Certified NLP Practitioner (2019)

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What My Coachees Say
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