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a Full-Day immersive experience FOR CHANGEMAKERs.
Grow your impact. Thrive as a human.
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The best brains of our generation are being used to maximise profits - not create a better world. We're facing a critical moment for humanity, where we need purpose-driven changemakers to unite. The time is now.
So, if you are... 👇
Group Hike
  • a purpose-driven Millennial or Gen Z
  • striving to make a positive difference for the world
  • wanting to feel energised in life and work
  • feel like you're not doing enough
  • lack balance in your life and work
  • feel overwhelmed by massive societal challenges
  • don't know how best to move forward
The Impact Bootcamp
A full-day immersive experience that helps you give your unique gifts to the world while overcoming your fears and thriving as a human being.

Programme Values

A transformative, sensory experience. Different to any corporate workshop you’ve ever attended.


Connecting deeply with like-minded people. Creating a community that outlasts this day.


No more procrastinating. We'll take steps during the programme to start making your impact.

Gain clarity on your goals for how you want to create impact
Discover your talents and energisers to focus your impact
Create balance in your life to feel fulfilled and avoid burnout
Defeat procrastination & fears that have been holding you back
Break through barriers of our toxic system using a breakthrough board
Set tangible actions to build momentum after the day

Learn more by reading my 10 Principles for Changemakers.

In a day of interactive workshops, you will:
Public Demonstration

📍 Location: Live at WORM in Rotterdam
🕘 When: Sunday 24th October, 10:00 - 17:30
💸 Price: Based on your income to make it accessible for everyone.

Meetup Event
Select Your Ticket - Based on Income

I don’t want this investment to be a barrier to anyone joining. Contact me if you have financial worries or if you're wondering what ticket you should get.

Don't accept the toxic system.
Join this programme to start changing it.

I've been there. I wanted my work to make a a positive difference.  And just like you, I doubted myself and didn't know where to begin.

While working at Deloitte, I started Extraordinary Life: a social enterprise that helps young people live meaningful lives. I was a corporate consultant by day and a trainer and coach by night. I worked long hours, but I believed in the impact I was making. I grew it from three people in a classroom to 5000 people in a stadium – all within 18 months.

After three years of trying to change the world on the side, I took the leap to do it full-time. Alongside helping changemakers to thrive, I also work as a climate activist for Extinction Rebellion. I'm striving to change the world and I want to help you do the same.

Let me be your guide
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