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You're a purpose-driven millennial, striving to create a positive impact on the world. You want to feel a fire for your work while helping humanity. That's why you're invited to...
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A community of like-minded people, across industries and the globe. We'll ignite a better world together by coaching each other, sharing resources and creating a space where we belong.
Driven by our BRAVE Values

Striving for positive impact beyond ourselves and our existing capabilities


Proud to be the crazy ones, envisioning new realities


Committed to taking tangible action to create the world we want to see


Sharing our challenges around the campfire - connecting deeply


Enjoying making our impact together, spreading our fire across the digital airwaves

The Benefits

Curated Community 👑

Access by-invitation-only, ensuring we have the right people who share our ambition to make a positive impact. The focus and quality of our discussions depend on who’s part of them.

Critical Sounding Board 🎯

Bringing your challenges to every campfire gathering to receive constructive critique and new ideas to help you grow and contribute.

Support of Like-Minded People ❤️

Uniting together in our shared struggle makes us stronger. We share our network to support each other and remind ourselves that we’re not alone.

Firestarter Buddy 🤝

Every member matches with another, creating a supportive partnership to check in with each other more frequently than our twice a month campfires - gaining accountability for your actions.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead.
I'll be our facilitator

Just like you, I want my work to make a a positive difference to humanity. But I've often felt alone on my mission.

While working at Deloitte, I founded Extraordinary Life: a social enterprise that helps young people live meaningful lives. I was a corporate consultant by day and a trainer and coach by night.

It was difficult starting alone, but over time I built an incredible team and community who empowered me. Together, we grew Extraordinary Life from three people in a classroom to 5000 people in a stadium – all within 18 months.

After three years of trying to change the world on the side, I took the leap to do it full-time. Alongside supervising my social enterprise and coaching professionals, I volunteer for Extinction Rebellion - together with my community of fellow activists.

Creating a better world is easier when you do it together - and much more fun!

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