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How to Change the World
A group coaching programme for purposeful professionals
Support Group
Are you driven to make a positive impact on society?

As a purpose-driven professional, you want your work to make a difference. But you feel like you’re not doing enough. Maybe you’re afraid of leaving a stable job – even though you know your organisation isn’t helping humanity. Perhaps there’s a global challenge you want to tackle, but you don’t know where to start.

Whether you want to develop a purposeful side-project, change your company from within, or transition to a socially-impactful organisation; we’ll make it happen, together.

An immersive 6-week program that helps you:
Know your unique gift to give to the world.
Create a clear plan to make your impact
While defeating your fears and managing your energy
Supported by a community of like-minded people from around the world


Programme Values

A transformative, sensory experience. Different to any “Zoom workshop” you’ve ever attended.


Sharing and connecting at a deep level. Creating a community that outlasts this programme.


Taking steps during the programme to start making your impact. Every reflection should be acted upon.

  • 12 live, interactive workshops

  • Including guest talks from experts in your social impact area

  • Powerful preparatory exercises to build momentum in-between sessions

  • Weekly mentor groups with your empowering community

  • An accountability partner to support you

The 6-week programme consists of:

Investment: 349 euro. With one-on-one coaching, 749 euro

We expect to launch in June with a limit of 12 successful applicants to create a close-knit community.

Don't accept a meaningless working life.
Join this programme to start changing the world.
Let me by your guide

I've been there. I understand your doubts and I know how difficult it is to begin.

While working at Deloitte, I started Extraordinary Life: a social enterprise that helps young people live meaningful lives. I was a corporate consultant by day and a trainer and coach by night. I worked long hours, but I believed in the impact I was making. I grew it from three people in a classroom to 5000 people in a stadium – all within 18 months.

After three years of trying to change the world on the side, I took the leap to do it full-time. Alongside supervising my social enterprise and coaching professionals, I now also work as a climate activist for Extinction Rebellion. I'm striving to change the world and I want to help you do the same.

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