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In our rapidly changing business environment, it’s challenging to keep up. We need to keep running forward, only to stay in the same place. The pressure on company leadership to “innovate” is continuous and always written in strategic plans - but how do we know where to start? And how can we best make our people part of this journey? 


Moreover, young millennial talent has different unmet desires. Impact is the buzzword of today and for good reason, with 65% of millennials wanting to make an impact in their careers. They want a workplace culture that enables them to make this impact and grow, while also maintaining a balance. 

As a millennial with experience as an Innovation Consultant in the Big Four, I understand these challenges. I know what it's like to try to drive change in a large corporate environment, with many stakeholders to convince.

Embrace  change 
Enhance work-place  happiness 
Strengthen  communication 
Foster creativity & innovation 
Enhance  engagement  & impact 
 Transform  culture

I support my clients to:

I believe that everyone should be able to bring about the positive change they desire for their people. I aim to empower you to be a recognized impactful leader that makes a difference for your talent—reducing burnout rates and frustration from the slow pace of transformation.    
What People Say
Martin Rabenort Deloitte

"It has been an inspirational privilege to work with you. You may not realize it but having been around in organizations like ours for some 30 years now, it is fair to say that you genuinely are extraordinary in all positive senses of the word."


Martin Rabenort

Partner, Deloitte

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