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Create your extraordinary life!

What brings you here? Let me guess; you're an ambitious professional that wants to have it all. You work hard, want to make an impact in an international environment, while also having a fulfilling personal life. And why not, you deserve this!

But I'm guessing you're missing something? You've accomplished a lot, but now feel like you're not growing fast enough. You miss the impact, even though you enjoy your work. Maybe you're looking for a better balance in your personal life.

I know how you feel because I have experienced all of these challenges myself. When I worked as a Strategy Consultant in the Big Four, I felt de-energised in my work, with personal relationships that didn't feel right. This pain led to my transformation.


Since then,  I've empowered professionals and executives of all ages and backgrounds to live more fulfilling lives. And I love what I do. As a millennial, the older individuals I support find my new perspectives eye-opening and energising.

Achieve faster  career growth 
Better  integrate  your work & life
Transition to  meaningful  work
Feel  energised  in life
Gain more fulfilling relationships 

So, would you like to:

Then let's get to know each other! In your free 30-minute intake call, we will see if we are a good match and if so, decide how many sessions we will need to overcome your challenge.
My Approach

We start by defining your desires and expectations from the coaching relationship.


We explore the different areas of your life to understand where the gap is between your goals and current state.


We identify and evaluate your options for most effectively moving forward towards your goal.


You take steps with my support, making the progress you desire.


We celebrate the achievement of your goal!

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.”
-Robert Nardelli

Five Sessions: €775

Location: My coaching studio in Rotterdam


Five Sessions: € 625  

Location: Zoom Video Call

General Info
  • We start with a no-obligation-intake, free of charge.

  • On average, you will need 5 one hour sessions.

  • A scheduled coaching session can be cancelled or postponed until at least two working days in advance. Then the meeting will be charged.

  • Rates quoted are for one hour individual sessions.

  • The cost of coaching is often tax-deductible, tuition and educational expenses by mail. Visit the Tax Office website (in Dutch) for more information.

  • Many companies and organisations are recognising the value of coaching for personal development. In that case, there is often a training budget available.

Don't let yourself get stuck in a job that de-energises you. Don't accept an unsatisfying existence.
Start your transformation now to accelerate your career and live a fulfilling life!
Vildana Gacic

"Wisdom, empowerment and inspiration are the words that come to mind when I think about Tom. He is an extraordinary coach for anyone who wants to discover their talents, live up to their full potential and find their true life passion. Furthermore, Tom's positive attitude, innovative spirit and friendliness make him an ideal match, and he comes with my sincerest recommendation."


Vildana Gacic
Career Coach

Certified Life Coach (2018)

Certified NLP Practitioner (2019)

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